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Our Ministries

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Membership, Baptism, &

Faith Formation

The first step in getting involved in our church is to be involved with our church! We offer membership opportunities for all those who are committed to our core values, have been baptized, and are willing to learn about how we approach being a Christian and bringing the light of Christ to our neighborhoods, our city, and our world.

Looking to explore becoming a member at Trinity Lutheran Church? Just click here, or send us a quick email at

Baptism is central to our commitment to Christ as a unified church body. While some churches can be particular about what makes a baptism “valid,” we prefer to approach the subject with grace, openness, and faith in a God that is bigger than any rules we could ever impose on him. We accept all Christian baptisms, past or present, and, for us, baptism is just the beginning, not the end.

Looking to go deeper in your Christian faith? We offer Faith Formation pathways that give you one-on-one time with our pastoral staff and leadership, counseling options, and courses designed to build up your relationship with Christ.



We offer Sunday School classes for adults and children ages two and up. Our classes offer educational opportunities designed to help us continually grow in our Christian faith. For our youth, classes are broken out by age. Adults can choose classes based on topic and interests.

Information on Sunday School classes can be found at our information center located in the hallway connecting both sets of main doors. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in the life of our church, we offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities related to Kids, Youth, Young Adults, Adults & Family, Music, and more!

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music at


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The idea that God loves all the joyful noises we make is at the core of who we are as a faith family. When we sing and make music together, it’s an outpouring of our love for each other and our Lord, a melodic statement of faith, and a way to express the joy we feel about being God’s children.

We offer opportunities for ensembles, Christmas musicals, choir, Bach Vespers, and more for all who are interested.