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Time, Talents & Treasure

From Pastor Kevin

In order to see things as they truly are it is necessary to turn one’s attention from time to time to things that are often hidden from our sight. You can’t really understand how Trinity works without recognizing the legions of faithful volunteers. Some are front and center during worship like our musicians, singers, readers and worship assistants. Others are hard at work behind the scenes preparing service elements, helping to work the sound booth, broadcasting the service on the radio and internet, and others are somewhere in the middle ushering, greeting and hosting. Of course there is the Altar Guild helping to prepare for worship and caring for the sacraments. But you may not know that after the services there is much done by volunteers during the week.

Not only that but our Sunday School is volunteer-led, as are most ministries of the church, which are led by those who volunteer and also participate in the committees which direct most of what we do. Volunteers help us keep the building secure, work on and oversee projects, feed members and guests, count the offerings and enter them into the system. And there is much more.

Although most people who serve behind the scenes are happy to remain behind the scenes I would like to highlight and express gratitude for those who enter in our giving. While this was done in the past by our longtime faithful brother and employee of the church Dan Scott, it is now in the capable hands of a trio of our members: Barb Piatt, Laurie Maurer and Cheryl Phillips. They have taken on the task of entering the tithes and offerings, and helping Trinity to streamline that process by going through each of the numerous accounts that have existed across the years and consolidating them into something better. Some of those accounts have not been used in many years or are no longer associated with Trinity. For instance ELCA World Hunger will no longer be a giving option through Trinity. Tax deductible donations can still be sent directly to ELCA World Hunger, but they should not be sent into Trinity. Changes like this help us to see clearly how much money we truly have to operate as opposed to how much is sent in. That work is helping us be more faithful, accountable and effective stewards of the church’s finances. They are doing a great job and we are grateful for their help.

This year you will see a difference that is going to help both them and all of us a great deal. When you receive your giving envelopes you will notice they look a little different as they bear our new logo, and have only two giving designations: 1. “Where it is needed most” which means there are no restrictions on how we can put your gift to work. Those gifts will go into the General Fund where they are most certainly needed. 2. “Other” this designation is for giving a gift which is meant for a specific ministry or account. When you check that box be sure to write on the envelope where you would like that gift used. Of course if you need a hand we are always here for you in the church office, just call or stop by.

These are just a couple of ways that the participation of volunteers are helping to bless us all. You, too, can make an impact. God has blessed you with gifts and skills that are a blessing meant to share. I encourage you to get involved as a volunteer at Trinity. You’ll be amazed at what God will help you to do. If you’re not sure where to get started, call or stop by the church office and speak with Wendy Schreffler, she’s an expert at helping folks get connected. Thank you to all of you who give of your time, talents and treasure here at Trinity!

In Christ,

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Pastor Kevin McClain
Lead Pastor


We are pleased to welcome Charles Robertson who joined us in January as our new facilities manager. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and give him a warm welcome when you see him around the church!




One of the things that makes Trinity special is the variety of worship services we offer. Each service has its own revered traditions, music, community, and personality. While continuing to respect these differences, we also want to cultivate greater unity across our church. We believe singing is a gift from God that allows us to worship Him together. So starting this month, we will have a featured “Hymn of the Month” that every service will incorporate. Our hope is over time we will accumulate beloved hymns that all Trinity members know, regardless of which service they usually attend.

Hymns unite us through rich theology and beautiful lyrics imprinted on our hearts. Imagine attending a church-wide event or service and hearing hundreds lift their voices as one in song! For January, our featured hymn has been “In Christ Alone” and in February we will highlight “Jesus Paid It All.” We pray this monthly hymn unites us and enriches our worship as one diverse body.


Wednesday, Feb 14th | 11am & 7pm

Trinity invites you to begin your Lenten journey at one of two Ash Wednesday Communion Services on Wednesday, February 14th. The 11am service is designed for those available during the day, while the 7pm service provides an evening option.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the season of Lent, a time to examine personal faith journeys and to recommit lives to the Lord. The imposition of ashes, a reminder of human mortality and of cleansing, will be offered as part of each service.


Happy New Year, friends! As you tidy up and declutter in the new year, please keep in mind our Trinity Rummage Sale coming up on May 10-11th. We would be overjoyed if you could set aside any quality items to donate closer to the sale. We unfortunately don’t have storage space just yet, but we’ll gladly take your treasures off your hands this spring. The proceeds from our sale will go to the wonderful Operation Christmas Child organization which brings holiday joy to children in need around the world. Just imagine how your generous donations can make a child’s face light up!

When the time comes, we’ll send a friendly reminder for rummage contributions. Every little piece makes a difference! Thank you in advance for keeping us in mind during your new year clean slate. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead! Please contact Dawn Forbes at or (419) 289-2126 if you have any questions.



Celebrating February Birthdays

Let’s shower our cherished members over 85 with lots of love and well-wishes as they celebrate their February birthdays!

  • Shirley Reed – February 1st
  • James Prinz – February 5th
  • Bernard Wolf – February 4th
  • Larry Sears – February 28th

Birthdays we missed in January— our apologies!

  • William Hawkins – January 5th
  • Rebecca Humrichouser – January 17th



occ picture


Welcoming February donations

Since February is a Valentine’s Day celebration, let’s show love to children needing to know about Jesus. We are asking for donations of coloring books (sketch pads) and crayons (or markers, colored pencils) for our Operation Christmas Child ministry. Children love to be creative, and this activity can be a release for them to showcase their artistic talent. Please help us fill the baskets in the Gathering Space and outside Jack’s Place.

We are the hands of God to bring Jesus to children worldwide. Blessings to all! Contact Ruth Ann Linder at (330) 683-0096 with questions.





Update & Thank You!

We were delighted to have many of our families come and celebrate with us for our Epiphany celebration in January. Special thank you to Pastor Kevin, Kim Wolbert, Peggy Boggs and Robin Burkholder for helping make this event so special for the children and their families.

Job openings

Preschool teacher: We are looking for a caring, reliable person who loves working with preschool children. Mondays through Thursdays during the school year. Fridays, weekends, and summers off (few exceptions). 26-30 hours per week during the school year. Must be willing to meet state requirements and training.

Office assistant: 10-15 hours during school weeks, possibly substitute in the classroom. Plus, 5-10 hours total during the summer.

Please contact Cindy Duffey or Dawn Forbes at (419) 289-2126 or for more details.





Special Music

Notes of Joy

Feb 25 | 8:45am | Sanctuary

The Notes of Joy Choir will sing for the 8:45am Traditional Service.

Women’s Choir

Mar 9 | 5:30pm | Folk Service
Mar 10 | 8:45am | Trad. Service
Mar 10 | 11am | Praise Service





SAVE THE DATES: Girls’ night out EVENTS

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Girls’ Night Out events, and we’ll see you there!

  • Monday, February 5th, 5:30-7:30pm
  • Monday, March 4th, 6-8pm
  • Monday, April 15th, 6-8pm








At Trinity, we strive to serve others and make a difference in our community, just as Jesus calls us to do. We need your help continuing our mission through these service opportunities:

  • Food & Fellowship: Do you enjoy baking or connecting with new people? Our Olive Tree Cafe needs bakers to donate tasty treats and friendly hosts to greet visitors. You’ll be providing hospitality and helping newcomers feel welcome.
  • First Impressions: Help make a great first impression by volunteering at our Information Desk, welcoming new faces, and guiding people to classes and services. Your warmth and assistance can make someone’s day.
  • Radio Ministry: If you prefer behind-the-scenes work, we need help running our radio ministry programs. You’ll be spreading God’s message near and far from the comfort of our church.

Jesus tells us that whatever we do for others, we do for Him. Through volunteering with us, you can share your gifts and passions while walking in Christ’s footsteps. Contact us today to get involved!



what's on the


5:30-6pm in Jack’s Place | Suggested donation $5

RSVP encouraged. Please call: Peggy: (419) 210-5226 | Robin: (419) 632-5097

Feb 7
Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Shredded chicken sandwiches, tater tots, coleslaw and assorted pies.

Feb 14
Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, peas & carrots and strawberry cake.

Feb 21
Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie, salad and cherry pie.

Feb 28

Goulash, corn muffin and jello & fruit.


& Giving

We are celebrating that Trinity’s Christmas Eve/Day attendance of 986 was the highest since Pre-Covid in 2019 (1,168). 2020 was 564, 2021 was 820 and 2022 was 904.

The financial report for December 2023 will be included in the March 2024 newsletter. Thank you for your patience as we transition to a new financial system. We appreciate your grace during this time and look forward to sharing the financials with you soon.

December 2023 ATTENDANCE
Date Sunday School Church Services
12/3 88 312
12/10 55 441
*This includes the musical
53 680
Usual Weekend Services
N/A 118
Christmas Eve PM Services
N/A 927
12/25 N/A 59
12/31 N/A 241



Council Committee Updates from December Meeting

Pastor’s Remarks: Pastor Kevin encouraged the council to look within the congregation for new council member nominations to replace those whose terms end this year. The visa process continues for Pastor Georg Warnecke’s upcoming 3-month sabbatical at Trinity. We look forward to welcoming him in April!

Finance: New finance software roll-out and report formatting continues. The council approved moving interest earned on restricted funds into those funds annually.

Outreach: The committee continues to work through grant details. Melissa See and Shane Ross have completed their terms on the Outreach Committee. Angela Baker joins as the new council rep, with Steve Strine continuing another term.

Property: Basement waterproofing work continues. Trinity Properties rentals continue, with upgrades at rentals.

Safety: Discussed parking lot security for Christmas events. Adding lower level lighting and reviewing door locks. Getting replacement AED pads. Discussing building policies with non-member youth.

Worship: Christmas Eve attendance was the highest since pre-pandemic. Lots of musical groups and special services planned for the start of the year.

Senior Ministries: Trinity Travelers women’s group had a December trip and is planning more. Monthly MnM’s and Luther Club senior groups continue.

Women & Children: Recent Girl’s Night Out event. Upcoming Father-Daughter dance, Toddler Time and Open Gym.

Personnel: Formed an Affiliation Committee and held first Council Corner. Ongoing hiring process for Communications role.

Youth: Ten people attended respite care training. Upcoming concert event has a need for parent chaperones.

Call Committee: Reached out for more information from the December applicant but no response yet. No new candidates at this time.

The council covered other administrative items and remains dedicated to guiding the church in the year ahead. We appreciate the congregation’s prayers and partnership as we pursue God’s mission together.

Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Other Hours by Appointment

Worship Times

Folk – Saturday Night – 5:30pm
Traditional – Sunday Morning – 8:45am
Sunday School – Sunday Morning – 10:00AM
Praise – Sunday MOrning – 11:00am