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We Expect Miracles Every Day

Who We Are

A church cross surrounded by a pipe organ in the background.

We are Christian people who gather because of the mutual love we have for our Lord and for one another. We expect Christ to continue moving in our congregation, our city, and across the world. And because we anticipate His transformative work in every area of our lives and community, we serve our neighbors through our individual callings and shared outreach and missional activities.

We are Ashland. Ashland is us. And we can’t wait to see what the Lord will do next.

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Mission &


About religion


Our faith and trust in Christ serve as both necessary and sufficient conditions for our existence as a church. We are because we believe. We hold our faith as foundational to everything we do, whether we’re looking to equip our staff for service, provide everything members of our congregation need to live daily in the light and love of Christ’s leading, reflecting that love upon those who need it most throughout our community in practical ways, or fueling the spread of the gospel to distant corners of the globe.

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We aren’t called to a list of rules. We aren’t called to empty ritual, to arbitrary tradition. Instead, we are called to live, to engage with life.

Living this set-apart life requires daily practice, singular attention, and a willingness to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others. And because the hallmarks of Christ’s teaching are found in its day-to-day practicality, one of our primary responsibilities is fostering the life to which God calls us to engage as Christians within an ever-growing faith community. Again, this value is expressed in specific and powerful ways through self-sacrifice and service to our staff, congregation, community, and the world.

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We’re in this thing together. And that’s exactly how God designed it.

We are a faith community created to feed and nurture itself, bringing those in our community closer to Christ through new connections and deeper relationships.

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What we


Our core beliefs inform everything we do, both inside our walls and in the community of Ashland. We believe that the hospitality of Christ is excessive. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ inform every part and particle of our lives together as a community. We have been welcomed into the family of God even as we were still sinners. We don’t make a habit out of keeping the extravagant love of God to ourselves. We want you to experience it as well!

We believe that God planted us here for a reason, and we believe in taking ownership of the Kingdom of God and how it gets expressed in Ashland. We believe that if every church felt the way about their hometown as we do about ours, the world would look completely different.

We believe in the importance of Christian education. As Christians we are called to know the Bible, but that “knowing” isn’t just intellectual. It’s experiential as well. To be a member of our church, one must successfully complete catechism, and we structure Sunday mornings so as to ensure dedicated time for Sunday School. To grow personally and spiritually, we need a foundational understanding of God and His plan for our lives.

Missions &


In neighborhoods throughout our city and across the globe, we serve because we’ve been explicitly commanded to do so. But in that service is the purest joy. We are here to make kingdom impact, not just do what we can to scrape by. We don’t serve for selfish purposes or to hopefully add to church attendance. We serve because we want to see the kingdom of God alive, active, and dynamically expressed in our midst.

Our Staff

The Gospel impacts every part of our lives; we take that seriously. We are new creations which means that we should be focused on serving, and build everything on compassion rather than duty. Here are our committed staff members serving our congregation and the community around us.
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Pastor Kevin McClain

Lead Pastor
As an adult convert to the Christian faith, Pastor Kevin has a deep understanding of the transformative power of God's love and grace in one's life. He is a proud husband and father of four, and together with his family, they settled in Ashland in 2018, leaving behind their Huntington Beach roots.

Pastor McClain obtained his Master of Divinity from The Wittenberg Institute and has been serving as a pastor for several years. He loves his role as a shepherd, helping people deepen their relationship with God and guiding them through life's challenges.

Beyond his passion for ministry, Pastor Kevin is also deeply engaged with the Ashland community. He and his family built a home in the country, where they tend to a large vegetable garden and raise chickens. Through their daily life as a family, Kevin and his wife Kristen are working to model for their children the importance of stewardship and living in harmony with God's creation.

Pastor Kevin is committed to serving God's people and making a positive impact in the community. Join us for worship and experience his passion and dedication firsthand.

Peggy Boggs standing in a church.

Peggy Boggs

Kitchen Coordinator

A stained glass window featuring an angel showcased at a recent event.

Robin Burkholder

Kitchen Assistant

Cindy Duffy in a blue shirt standing in a church.

Cindy Duffy

Montessori Director

A woman, Kari Emmons, in a black jacket standing in a church.

Kari Emmons

Assistant Teacher, Montessori

Dawn Forbes standing in a church pew.

Dawn Forbes

Women's & Children's Ministries

trinity lutheran headshot raelene harris horizontal

Raelene Harris

Staff Member

trinity lutheran headshot shelby jordan

Shelby Jordan

Montessori Office Assistant

trinity lutheran headshot heather jurjevic(1)

Heather Jurjevic

Assistant - Women's & Children's Ministries

Susan Jurjevic standing in a church pew.

Susan Jurjevic


Church Council

Our church council serves in a servant advisory role, helping our church fulfill its mission and guiding us into the future through the guidance and wisdom of God's spirit.
angela baker

Angela Baker

Elected: May 2021

tony box

Tony Box

Elected: May 2019

stephanie bragg

Stephanie Bragg

Elected: May 2020

ryane briggs

Ryane Briggs

Elected: May 2023

A stained glass window featuring St. John the Baptist.

Ann Emmons

Elected: May 2023

trinity lutheran church web photos 2023 48

Larry Franks

Elected: May 2020

gary goon

Gary Goon

Elected: May 2023

jeff gray

Jeff Gray

Elected: May 2022

ken milligan

Ken Milligan

Elected: May 2019

Committees are composed of church members who volunteer their time and expertise to support the church’s mission and activities. They play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations and long-term planning of the church.

Feel the call to take an active role in our mission? Learn more about open positions at Trinity and apply using the button below.

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Teacher/Assistant at Montessori Good Shepherd Preschool >

Are you a high school graduate passionate about making a positive impact in your community? Are you eager to grow spiritually, professionally, and personally? Join us on a transformative journey through our internship program, where you can grow in your spiritual giftings and professional skills, while being the hands and feet of Jesus.

At Trinity, we offer opportunities to grow and serve in various areas such as music, digital media, marketing, children’s ministry, administration, and technology. We are dedicated to empowering the next generation to walk confidently in their purpose and giftings, while contributing to God’s kingdom.

Learn more about our internship opportunities and start your journey with Trinity >



Trinity has deep roots in Ashland, planted in 1839 about a decade after the town’s founding. Worship had begun in homes, schoolhouses, barns, and then in a small log cabin. By 1840, 30-32 members, desiring a place of worship, were able to purchase a frame building, a former brewery that Universalists had converted into a church. In 1850 the congregation built a 40’x 60’ brick church building in which their membership grew to over 260, their debts were paid and they added a parsonage. But, sadly, in 1883 the church was one of 20 buildings that burned to the ground. By 1885, they completed building a new structure on the corner of Church & Third Streets and the congregation flourished there for over 75 years. In 1962, blessed and inspired by very generous gifts from the family of longtime member Kate Myers, Trinity built a beautiful and spacious new church attached to the Myers Home at 508 Center St.

Over the years, people, situations, and locations may change, but being “called to serve” has not changed as our priority. Projects such as Jack’s Place, youth facilities, office spaces, activities, events and overall repairs and improvements are selected as they support Trinity’s purpose.  

We cherish our long heritage and are excited for the future as God brings people together here to love and serve our community and world. We welcome you to learn more about our storied history and would be delighted to share our past and future.