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Our Kids

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Introducing our

Children to Christ

We view the children of our church as more than just children, as more than even our next generation. They’re more important than that: they’re an integral part to who we are, not just in the future but in the here and now, as well.  We offer a wide range activities and care options on Sunday mornings and throughout the year. When your children are here, our focus is on providing a space where they can grow and learn within a safe, fun, and educational environment. We meet them where they are and walk with them, step by step, as they meet and grow in Christ. We model Christ in ways that resonate with them and keep them engaged in ways that help them grow within a community that loves them as much as you do.

Nursury &

Sunday School

We have a nursery available for newborns to age two during the Sunday morning services. The nursery is staffed by a supervisor who is responsible for the care and safety of your child. We also invite you to serve as a volunteer on a monthly basis, or more often if you wish.

We offer many wonderful Sunday school opportunities for children and youth. Along with allowing your children the opportunity to build valuable relationships with others their own age, our classes are focused on introducing them to Christ and allowing their relationship with Him to grow. For more information on classes, reach out using the form below.

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We love having children present in all worship services, but we also offer options for kids of all ages to participate in Christian community alongside their friends. During Sunday School and all throughout the week, we have classes designed just for them.

For example, our three to five-year-olds can join Music Makers. Kindergarten through 6th grade children can participate in Notes of Joy. Our 4th & 5th graders gather three to four times a year to do a service project combined with a fun activity. Along with Toddler Time and various youth-specific Bible Studies, Christian formation is offered at every age group.



We offer a weekday Montessori Good Shepherd program at Trinity. Along with Bible and liturgically based lessons, we use Montessori materials and practices designed to encourage calmness, grace, courtesy, and interest in art, music, math, literacy-readiness, and more for children ages 2 1/2 through 5.

Click below to learn more about our Montessori Good Shepherd program.

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beacon after school


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Our Beacon After School Program is designed to answer a pressing need in our community for a safe, supportive, fun, and educational space for kids to go after school.

Open on school days from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM, children from Kindergarten to 4th grade are able to get help with homework, and engage in social activities with new and current friends. We provide transportation from school, so as a parent you’ll know you child is in a safe and supportive environment that complements their studies while you finish up your workday.

We’re also always looking for volunteers to help out with this program! Contact us at if you’re interested or click the button below to learn more.