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Pastor's Notes

Time, Talents & Treasure

In order to see things as they truly are it is necessary to turn one’s attention from time to time to things that are often hidden from our sight. You can’t really understand how Trinity works without recognizing the legions of faithful volunteers.

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A New Year

Rather than putting Christmas behind you I encourage you to keep it before you. Christmas is first and of God in Jesus Christ.

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Still Our Hope

A child born out of wedlock. Poverty. Families who don’t stick together in tough times. The word of God has been in a state of decline.

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The Beauty of Sharing Traditions

In this season of giving thanks, God prepares our hearts by adorning our home with autumn’s blanket of color. For a precious few weeks, the beauty of Ashland emerges in away we can’t ignore. Though Ashland’s true beauty remains in what we share together. What we have is beautiful because it is ours.

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